We’re on the border of insanity; losing sense of our identity is this a re-occurring tragedy? are we a failure of humanity? another case of greed and vanity for the world to see living like this is a casualty we can’t face the gravity of this situation we’re in too deep

Beyond this reality there’s a world where we are free but right here we’re suffering it’s not a world thats meant for me

I believe we can change the system; re-arrange for a better existence; our species knows no bounds we can run with the wolves but we’re slowing down because we can’t escape society or live in solidarity but if we can learn from our history we’ll build a greater community

Well I know we’ll try to win this fight but survival won’t be easy; and I pray that we’ll prevail as a more intelligent of species; I hope mankind will realise the importance of our conscious minds and find a path for us to last together till the end of time.